Nutmeg Auto Service, Inc.

Adopted Mechanics Code of Ethics

All workers will strive to treat every customer with the respect they deserve.
At no time will we discriminate against any class of people.

We only recommend necessary repairs. We will never suggest a job to you
for our own benefit.

We do not exercise the power of our expertise or position to influence the
decisions or actions of others in order to benefit personally at their expense.

Estimates are based on materials and time, regardless of who owns the car.

We do not engage in or condone behavior that is designed to deceive others,
including but not limited to, making misleading or false statements, stating half-truths,
providing information out of context or withholding information that, if known, would
render our statements as misleading or incomplete.

We promise to do our best work on every job.

We supply only high-quality, time-proven materials. We never use "cheater parts"
to increase profits.

We strive to work in the customer's best interest only. Recommended actions
are geared toward customer satisfaction and fitment of purpose.

We promise to negotiate in good faith, we do our very best to resolve any
and all complaints in-house. Nutmeg Auto Service will never give you the "cold-shoulder".

Privacy is important to us. Customer information is not shared, sold or rented to anyone, ever.

Your credit card information is not stored electronically or otherwise. Once a sale is
complete the credit card information cannot be retrieved for any purpose.